Canine Cruisers

Take a dog for a walk, run, or play date from the Rowlett Animal Shelter!

  1. Submit a volunteer application form.
  2. Complete all FRAs orientation and animal handing training.
  3. The yellow FRAs T-shirt and/or hoodie must be worn at all times when escorting an animal off shelter property.
  4. Dogs MUST be leashed at all times.
  5. Leave and return through lobby/front door.  Do not go in and out of the service drive gate.
  6. Carry a cell phone with the shelter phone number programmed in case help is needed while out.
  7. Carry poop bags while on walk, and use if necessary.
  8. Sign in/out on the volunteer sheet at shelter; must speak with an ACO (Animal Control Officer) to see which dogs are cleared to be on the walk list.
  9. Dog should be wearing a FRAs ‘ADOPT ME’ bandana or vest while out of the shelter.
  10. Dogs should not be taken out in rain, storms or other dangerous weather.
  11. ACOs have final say if a dog can be walked, or who can walk a dog.
  12. Must be 18 or older to check out a dog; ACOs must approve dog being walked if children under the age of 13 are walking with a FRAs volunteer.

Other ways to help

Woman holding a kitten



Adult Torbie and White DSH cat

Trap, Neuter, Return